Stonegate Surgery Center

Stonegate Surgery Center is a
“Musculoskeletal Surgery Center of Excellence”
in Austin, Texas.

By providing the leading Austin pain management physicians, orthopedic surgeons and minimally invasive spine surgeons with state-of-the-art equipment and a safe operating environment, Stonegate Surgery Center ensures the best possible surgical outcomes for its patients.

Stonegate Surgery Center was founded by a group of forward-thinking physician owners as a more personalized alternative to the traditional institutional care received in a hospital setting.

The physicians have leadership roles in the management of the facility. With input from these doctors, Stonegate Surgery Center is able to offer the latest advances in equipment and technology with a friendly and supportive environment for your surgical care.


“As owners of Stonegate Surgery Center, we want to thank you for choosing our facility to have your outpatient procedure. The physician who has referred you to our Ambulatory Surgery Center may be an investor in the facility and may receive remuneration based on an ownership interest. You have the option to reschedule your procedure to another facility of your choice and our staff will inform your surgeon.“







Accessibility statement for individuals with disabilities

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